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Hood Ritual

Hood Ritual "Ancestral DNA" - 8.25"

Hood Ritual "Ancestral DNA" - 8.25"

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“Master are ye of your destiny, free to take or reject at will. Take ye the power, take ye the wisdom, shine as a light among the children of men.“ - Thoth The Atlantean

For within us all there lies the memory of our ancestors. The history of our tribe, our family, our people!  Our great great grandmothers and grandfathers speak to us through many forms, but when one comes to the realization that these forms are too, only mere extensions of the ONE true boundless one. The Formless one. That which hath no beginning nor an end. It is then that he or she doth shed the shackles of institutions. The prison of programmed reality. It is then one possess the power of KNOWING that God has never been outside of them nor has anything ever truly been separated from them, yet rather the contrary.

It is said that when one writes, speaks, draws or expresses unconditional love in any form, it will activate LIGHT CODES within the human body. Thus awakening an array of emotions that may manifest in various ways, ranging from great waves of ecstasy to uncontrollable tears of wonder.  

Thus let your heart mind awaken to the Ancestral knowledge you hold within, and gain access to the Halls of Amenti on Hood Ritual’s brand new, “ANCESTRAL DNA” skateboard deck!


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