Collection: Cherries


Cherries Wheels is the first ever FEMALE SKATER OWNDED skateboard wheel company.

Cherries Wheels was created to hold space in the skateboard industry as a female-skater owned & operated wheel company. Through our own experience skateboarding, we recognize there is a benefit and a need for more women-skater owned companies.

Our vision as a WSoC company is to offer skaters Premium Urethane wheels while increaseing representation, allyship, and support for non-traditional skateboarding within our industry.

Our wheel co. is home grown, female owned, and manufactured in the United States using only premium quality urethane. Cherries Wheels skate fast, roll smooth & and don’t flat-spot. They are manufactured ethically and not made using methods of exploitation. We take pride in our wheels and everyone who rides them.

-Cattackular, skateboard momma