Providing a local Alternative

I can't afford a storefront (yet!) and I can't quit my day job. I can, however, sell skateboards and gear to our community at a fair price with delivery to our local parks. My bones are wearing out, so this is my way to give back and stay active in the community I love.
Buy online and we'll meet up for delivery, or contact me to see and discuss some options before purchase.

Thank you for the support

Justin, John, & Skeeter (r.i.p.)

Who we are

We skate for fun. We sell for fun. #skaterssupportingskaters

  • Skeeter (R.I.P. my best friend)


    Favorite trick: Backside belly rub

    Favorite Skater: Jim "Red Dog" Muir

  • Justin


    Favorite trick: Pressure Flip (Yeah, I'm that guy)

    Favorite Skater: Daewon Song

  • John

    Deal Giver

    Favorite trick: Varial kickflip

    Favorite Skater: Jake Ilardi