Providing a local Alternative

I can't afford a storefront - UPDATE - I still can't afford one but the stars aligned and things are happening! - I can't quit my day job. I can, however, sell skateboards and gear to our community at a fair price and with free delivery to our local parks. My bones are wearing out, so this is my way to give back and stay active in the community I love.
Either buy online (or now come to CtoC!), and we'll meet up for delivery, or contact me to see and discuss some options before buying.

Thank you for the support

Justin, John, & Skeeter

Meet the team

If you see us, come say hi! Don't worry, the boss will be at home enjoying a nap.

  • Skeeter


    Favorite trick: Backside belly rub

    Favorite Skater: Jim "Red Dog" Muir

  • Justin

    Slave to CEO

    Favorite trick: Staying rad

    Favorite Skater: Daewon Song

  • John

    Slave to CEO

    Favorite trick: Varial kickflip

    Favorite Skater: Jake Ilardi