Team 941

One Team. One Love.

    Sam Gastel

    Age: 22 years old

    DOB: 4/20/01 (yes I’m that guy)

    Loc:  Venice, FL   

    Stance: Regs

    SK8 type: Street/Park

    Best Trick: Fakie Bigger Flip

    Fav Tricks: Pop Shuv

    Crew: Anyone who defines themselves as lovers of life.

    Spots: Venice Middle School Ledges

    Sponsors: 941 Skate Shop

    Set Up: 8.38 JetBlack, Silver Trucks, Powerflex 54mm Gumballs, Biggest Little Skate Co. hardware, and Quantum Bearings.

     Future Plans? skate like I did yesterday and be better than I was the day before


    Tytus Oslwald

    Age: 24 years old

    DOB: 5/25/99

    Loc:  Bradenton, FL   

    Stance: Goofy

    SK8 type: Street/Park

    Best Trick: Hardflip or shuvs

    Fav Tricks: Full cab front noseslides are easily my favorite.

    Crew: There's a lot of friends to list, but mainly my friend Andrew, Tom, Ben and Terry keep me motivated.

    Spots: Skating through Chicago was like a field day with security guards.

    Sponsors: 941 Skate Shop. Teamkilleveryone, Funkdafied, and drolife.

    Set Up: 8.5 Jacuzzi, destructo trucks, 606 Wheel Company, and Rush bearings.

     Future Plans? Just get as good as I can get before my knees fall off and give back the way skateboarding gave to me. Skating saved my life, so I have to give it my life.


    Bennitt (Ben) Barnes

    Age: 23 years old

    DOB: 01/01/2001

    Loc:  Bradenton, FL   

    Stance: Goofy

    SK8 type: Park

    Best Trick: My best trick was a 5050 to fakie, but I took my shirt off mid-trick

    Fav Tricks: Blunt fakie, but I love any trick on a quarter-pipe 

    Crew: Lately, I’ve really been enjoying skating with Andrew, Tytus, Sam, Justin, and the rest of the locals (you know who you are).

    Spots: I don’t ever really skate street but GT Bray is my second home.

    Sponsors: 941 Skate Shop

    Set Up:9.75 Heroin Egg, 48 mm Snot wheels, Ace trucks size 66, Bones reds bearings, Mob and Jessup grip, Shorty’s hardware, Dickies pants 36w60L, Opus footwear

     Future Plans? My goals for the future are 1)Never quit skating. I’ll wake up at 4am everyday if it means I still get to skate. 2) Graduate with my Bachelors degree in elementary education and finally be done with college. 3) Become a teacher and play a positive role in my community. 


    Andrew Duncan

    Age: 24 years old

    DOB: 01/18/2000

    Loc:  Bradenton, FL   

    Stance: Goofy

    SK8 type: Street/Park

    Best Trick:  backside 360 kickflip and front foot impossible 

    Fav Tricks:  backside flip or backside big spin 

    Crew:  all the homies but mainly Tytus, Ben and chris 

    Spots:  anything that seems fun or doable 

    Sponsors: 941 Skate Shop and rat assed

    Set Up:8.38 jacuzzi big ol j deck , thunder trucks, 52’ spitfire tablets, reds bearings, alveer grip tape 

     Future Plans?  skate for as long as I can and try to enjoy my life as well as I can! 


    Tom Blanche

    Age: 34 years old

    DOB: 11/13/1989

    Loc: Punta Gorda  

    Stance: Regular

    Best Trick: Gazelle Flip

    Fav Tricks: Big Flip

    Sponsors: 941 Skate Shop, Funkdafied Wood, skateholic supply 

    Favorite Spot: Apollo Beach

     Future Plans?  my future plans are to keep skating and getting better while raising my son while trying my best to give back to the community. My dream is to open an indoor skatepark locally with AC


    Braxton Mitchell

    Age: 18

    Dob: 06/01/06

    Loc:  Bradenton

    Stance: Regs

    Fav Tricks: Hardflip, Impossible, Sw Flip

    Fav Parks: GT Bray, Campbell Skatepark

    Sponsors: 941 Skateshop

    Set up: 8.38 Techne. 53mm OJ Wheels. Thunder
    Trucks. Alveer Grip. 

    Future Plans: Continue skating as much as I
    can and to never stop growing as a person. 


    Shawn Campbell

    Age: 28
    DOB: 05/09/1996
    Loc: punta gorda/ northport , FL.
    Sk8 Type: Street/Park
    Best Trick: nollie inwardheel
    Fav tricks: Tre Flip, hardflip , Kickflip, Front blunts ,nollie heels
    Crew: old heads at the park
    Spots: handrails ,stars , gaps , anything transition 😇
    Sponsors: 941skateshop, ultra slappywax
    Setup: 8.25 rip & dip 149 ace trucks, 55mm 🦴 wheels, mob grip, skateaholic bearings


    Dymitrik Turner

    Age: 13
    DOB: 5/3/2011
    Location: Sarasota fl
    Stance: regular
    Sk8 type: street/park
    Best trick: tre flip
    Favorite trick: board slides
    Sponsors: 941 skate shop
    Setup: Jessup grip, ilardi deck, independent trucks, spitfire wheels and bones bearings
    Future plans: skate


    John S.

    Age: 11

    Location: Sarasota

    Stance: Regular

    Skate Type: Park/Street

    Set Up: Technê 8", Indys, Technê 54mm,Quantum Vectors, Jessup Grip