Collection: Darkroom

*** Sadly, Darkroom has called it quits. These are still great decks to skate, but they are all art by Don Pendelton and now extremely collectible. Grab one to skate, or to hang and watch the value increase!***

Something new in the world of skateboarding is created by people who have been “boiling” for many years in the abyss of the skateboarding industry. This story happened with Don Pendleton, who has been dominated by skateboarding for more than 20 years, but not from the side of skating, but from the side of design (creating graphics for decks).

Don Pendleton is the founder of his own brand DARKROOM, who has worked to bring ideas to life to this day with people like Mike Sinclair and Kevin Furtado. The official date of birth of DARKROOM is considered to be 2018. But from an interview with Don The Berrics, it becomes clear that he was trying to start this project in 2006 (the release of T-shirts and accessories). Then he took up it again in 2012 (release of the deck for skateboards). And only by 2018 this business became “real”.


Darkroom "Speed Trials" Video