Collection: Stereo Decks

"Stereo was founded in 1992 when long term friends Jason Lee and Chris Pastras decided the skateboarding world lacked what creatively drove them. The brand turned the skate world on its ears with timeless, classic, and totally original inspirations."

Together, Jason and Chris released two skateboard films: A Visual Sound (’94) and Tincan Folklore (’96). Going against the grain with the use of 8mm film, black and white still photography and avant-garde music, the two films are now revered as classics within the skateboard community. Similarly, the "retro-modern" design aesthetic Stereo brought to skate graphics in '92, was worlds away from the cartoony, blood and guts filled design skateboarding was accustomed too.

Now with over 3 decades of heritage, Stereo continues to be an influential skateboard brand. To this day, each and every project and product produced by Stereo remains... Timeless, Classic and Original.

Stereo Decks

Bryce Wettstein's Professional Debut