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Alien Workshop Photosynthesis (2000)

Alien Workshop Photosynthesis (2000)

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"Photosynthesis" is a renowned skateboarding video produced by Alien Workshop, a popular skateboarding company, and released in 2000. Directed by Joe Castrucci and featuring a talented roster of skateboarders, including Anthony Van Engelen, Josh Kalis, and Rob Dyrdek, the video is known for its innovative and artistic approach to skateboarding.

"Photosynthesis" is often regarded as a groundbreaking skate video due to its creative use of visual effects, unique editing techniques, and a blend of both street and technical skateboarding styles. The video features a wide range of spots, from urban streets to unusual and imaginative locations, showcasing the versatility and skill of the Alien Workshop team.

One of the most memorable aspects of "Photosynthesis" is its surreal and artistic aesthetic, with dreamlike sequences, slow-motion shots, and visually captivating transitions. The soundtrack is also notable, featuring diverse music genres complementing the video's unique vibe.

Overall, "Photosynthesis" is considered a classic in the skateboarding world, appreciated for its impressive skateboarding tricks and artistic and experimental approach to skate video production. It has had a lasting influence on skateboarding videography and remains a favorite among skateboarding enthusiasts. I do not own the rights or content contained therein.

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