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DC Shoes - The DC Video (2003)

DC Shoes - The DC Video (2003)

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"Yeah Right!" is a highly influential skateboarding video released by Girl Skateboards in 2003. Directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans, the video features an impressive roster of talented skateboarders, including legends like Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, and Rick McCrank, among others.

This video is known for pushing the boundaries of skateboarding filmmaking. It introduced a variety of innovative and creative elements, including special effects, animated sequences, and humorous skits, all woven seamlessly into the skateboarding footage. One of the most iconic moments from the video is the "Laser Flip" performed by Eric Koston, which was a groundbreaking trick at the time.

"Yeah Right!" showcases a wide range of skateboarding styles, from technical street skating to vert ramps and even some unconventional spots. The video's soundtrack is also memorable, featuring a diverse selection of music that complements the skateboarding action and adds to the overall energy of the video.

Overall, "Yeah Right!" is celebrated for its combination of exceptional skateboarding and innovative filmmaking techniques. It had a significant impact on skateboarding videos, setting a new standard for creativity and storytelling within the skateboarding community. It remains a classic in the world of skateboarding and continues to inspire skateboarders and videographers to this day.

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