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Flip Skateboards - Sorry (2002)

Flip Skateboards - Sorry (2002)

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"Sorry" is a highly regarded skateboarding video released by Flip Skateboards in 2002. Directed by Jeremy Fox, the video showcases the talents of the Flip team, which at the time included some of the most prominent skateboarders in the industry, such as Geoff Rowley, Arto Saari, and Mark Appleyard, among others.

"Sorry" is known for its raw and gritty style, featuring a mix of street and transition skateboarding. The video is notable for its impressive and groundbreaking tricks, including technical street skating and massive gaps and drops. The skaters push the boundaries of what's possible in skateboarding, and their skills are on full display throughout the video.

One of the standout elements of "Sorry" is the soundtrack, which includes a variety of music genres, contributing to the video's energetic and intense atmosphere. The video's editing and filming techniques also received praise for capturing the essence of skateboarding and the personalities of the skaters.

"Sorry" is considered a classic in skateboarding culture, and it had a significant impact on the sport during its time. It remains a favorite among skateboarders and has influenced subsequent generations of skateboarders and skateboarding videos.

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