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H-Street - Shackle Me Not (1988)

H-Street - Shackle Me Not (1988)

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H-Street's first feature-length skate video from 1988, shot entirely with video cameras at a time when all others were shot in film, was also home-edited by Mike Ternasky and Tony Magnusson. A real classic. Featuring: Aaron Vincent, Art Godoy, Ben Job, Brennand Schoeffel, Brian Lotti, Carl Hyndman, Chris Livingston, Danny Way, Darrin Kimura, Dave Andrecht, Dave Sornson, David Nielsen, Eddie Elguera, Jason Richardson, Jeff Klindt, Jeff Pettite, Jeremy Allyn, Jim Gingery, John Schultes, John Sonner, Matt Hensley, Mike Carroll, Ray Simmonds, Richard Ezekiel, Ron Allen, Ryan Monihan, Steve Ortega, Tom Knox and Tony Magnusson I do not own the rights to any content in this video.

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