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Hood Ritual

Hood Ritual "LOVE IS CRAZY" - 8.0"

Hood Ritual "LOVE IS CRAZY" - 8.0"

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It’s generally known throughout the cosmos that, LOVE IS CRAZY!! 

but at the same time LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL! LOVE IS RAW! love is a battlefield! A Tug of War of Emotions! A balancing act if you will. For LOVE is the Driving force of ALL THAT IS!!

if it were not for LOVE, we would have no Shakespeare! No John Dee, Edgar Allen Poe! No Charles Manson!!! If it wasn’t for LOVE, Cupid would be out of a Job!!

whether you are in LOVE with ur Cat or you are in LOVE with your own imagination!!…there is no boundary that can limit LOVE!!!

So, in the name of that crazy Goddess Venus, please for LOVES Sake, go fall back in LOVE WITH SKATEBOARDING and Ride the Waves of Romance on the most LOVING piece of wood in the World; HOOD RITUALS “LOVE IS CRAZY” Skateboard Deck.


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