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New Deal Useless Wooden Toys (1990)

New Deal Useless Wooden Toys (1990)

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"Useless Wooden Toys" is a skateboarding video released by New Deal Skateboards in 1990. The video, directed by Mike Hill and featuring the talented skateboarders of the New Deal team, including the likes of Andy Howell, Ed Templeton, and Danny Sargent, is a pivotal moment in skateboarding history.

"Useless Wooden Toys" is known for its artistic and experimental approach to skateboarding filmmaking. It features a blend of street skateboarding and freestyle tricks, set to a diverse soundtrack that includes punk rock and alternative music. The video captured the burgeoning street skating movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s, showcasing technical tricks and a more rebellious and creative skating style.

"Useless Wooden Toys" refers to skateboards, highlighting their unconventional nature and the idea that they are essentially toys made of wood. Still, they provide endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. The video played a significant role in the evolution of street skateboarding and remains a classic in skateboarding history.

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