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Quantum Bearings

Quantum X Snot Wheel Co. "Particles" High Precision Metallics

Quantum X Snot Wheel Co. "Particles" High Precision Metallics

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Experience lightning-fast speed and unbeatable durability with QUANTUM SNOT PARTICLES HIGH PRECISION BEARINGS! These all-metal bearings, designed in collaboration with Snot Wheel Company, guarantee the smoothest ride for your skateboard. Say goodbye to sluggish wheels and hello to an exhilarating skating experience!

  • Precision design throughout the bearing

  • High quality chrome steel

  • Ultra-strong composite retainer/cage

  • Precision fit, non-contact shields

Where we differentiate is our material science know-how and applying this to correct for the surface level imperfections across all critical contact surfaces. This allows TJ’s bearings to have a very unique smoothness and fast response with the durability required to withstand the abuse he puts on them. All of the value-add to create the performance differentiation is performed in our lab located just outside Charlotte, NC.

Each Bearing Kit Includes:

  • 8 x metallic Series bearings

  • 16 x metallic Series bearing shields with micro-ring for easy addition of lube while bearing is in wheel (8 installed, 8 spares)

  • 8 x speed washers

  • 3 stickers

    Designed, coated, 100% tested, and packaged in our lab in the Charlotte, NC area.

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