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World Industries "Love Child" (1992)

World Industries "Love Child" (1992)

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"Love Child" is a skateboarding video released by World Industries in 1992. Directed by Spike Jonze, it is known for its innovative and influential approach to skateboarding filmmaking. The video features prominent skateboarders from the World Industries team, including the legendary skateboarder and founder of the company, Steve Rocco.

"Love Child" is characterized by its humorous and irreverent style, often incorporating unconventional and offbeat elements, including skits and humorous interludes, alongside impressive skateboarding footage. The video was a departure from traditional skateboarding videos of the time and helped shape the direction of skateboarding media, emphasizing the fun and creative aspects of the sport.

Notable skaters featured in "Love Child" include Mike Vallely, Rodney Mullen, and Jason Lee. The video's impact on skateboarding culture and filmmaking has made it a classic within the skateboarding community and an essential part of skateboarding history.

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