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Quantum Bearings

TJ Rogers Signature Series Quantum Metallics Bearings

TJ Rogers Signature Series Quantum Metallics Bearings

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As part of TJ’s signature bearing development process, we wanted to design a bearing that matches his style – smooth & fluidic while also allowing the bearing to keep this performance under high impact and tough terrain. We believe we have done just that. TJ’s signature bearing features all of the aspects you would expect from a high end, high performance bearing:

  • Precision design throughout the bearing

  • High quality chrome steel

  • Ultra-strong composite retainer/cage

  • Precision fit, non-contact shields

Where we differentiate is our material science know-how and applying this to correct for the surface level imperfections across all critical contact surfaces. This allows TJ’s bearings to have a very unique smoothness and fast response with the durability required to withstand the abuse he puts on them. All of the value-add to create the performance differentiation is performed in our lab located just outside Charlotte, NC.

Each TJ Rogers’s Signature Series Bearing Kit Includes:

  • 8 x metallic Series bearings

  • 16 x metallic Series bearing shields with micro-ring for easy addition of lube while bearing is in wheel (8 installed, 8 spares)

  • 8 x speed washers

  • 3 stickers

    Designed, coated, 100% tested, and packaged in our lab in the Charlotte, NC area.

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