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Hood Ritual

Hood Ritual "I AM DRUGS" - 8.5"

Hood Ritual "I AM DRUGS" - 8.5"

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In an interview when asked about his influences and inspiration behind the Surrealist Movements most INGENIOUS MYSTICS; Salvador Dali, specifically asking if drugs played any roll in sparking such fanciful visions, the master of bent perception slyly replied…”I do not DO DRUGS, I AM DRUGS!!!

Finding absolute MAGICK and WONDER within the paintings of Dali as a small child GroeiNg up, i devoured any and all information I could get on the mythical character who was SALVADOR DALI! 
In time I became more and more enthralled with his work, when one chilly October morning I found myself perched a top a mountain of dirty sheets reading Dali’s Biography, and my eyes fell upon the words GLEAMING UP AT ME, seemingly taunting me in BOLD ANCIENT HELVETICA FONT, these three simple words…” I AM DRUGS” 

Oh how they pierced me. How they ran me through like a Pirates sea worn blade, chilling me to the bone! The sheer GENIUS of it!!! For why doth man seek everything he has within, in everyplace it is not!!??  Is it Drugs that give inspiration to an artist or is it the ARTIST who GIVES inspiration to the drugs!? For what one doth not possess no man shall produce from that nothingness that which is something. Or more simply put, your imagination will imagine what it will whether drugs are taken or not, the question is more aptly CAN ONE access the hidden recess’s of the mind WITHOUT the use of chemical stimulus!? well, if you ask Dali, or Yoganandah they will tell you YES, you most certainly can, if one desires to do so…

…therefore when one finds his or herself questioning their existence, wondering why they exist, do not run from the unknown, rather embrace it and TAKE THE RIDE!!! and while ur Riding, you may as well do it in style on Tha brand new HOOD RITUAL “I AM DRUGS” skateboard deck!!


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