Collection: Quantum Bearings

Quantum Bearing Science was founded by long time skaters - Brad Sasser and Jason Hammock. We began skateboarding as teenagers and have always maintained passion for the sport. It took us out of a crap environment and enabled us to get involved with others to help promote each other. It was great - skaters helping skaters by being a positive force to keep moving forward and advance.

Several bearing changes later, we are now at the point to where we can give back. Not by showing you how to McTwist over the hip or 360 flip over a hand rail but rather by taking our experience from our years working in our respective fields to help create a better bearing. A lower maintenance bearing where you don’t have to stress taking a shielded bearing out to lube it. Bearings designed for longevity by only using high quality, field tested materials. Bearings compensated at the nano-level for consistency, speed, and response.

We owe it to the skating community and they deserve it for helping mold and shape our lives.

Quantum Bearings